Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
Radical view: allow the subprojects to send 1-2 delegates to the PMC and
require each subproject to send one or die.  This would size the PMC, assure
that "heart attack in the crowd" syndrome doesn't take place and make the
discussion more manageable.  Have the sub projects manage their own policy
for who to send and for how long under threat of being closed.  This also
prevents "PMC for life" syndrome and makes sure that the PMC serves not only
the boards interests but the committers of the projects.  It also puts
pressure on PMC members to keep discussions public.

I don't like this "1-2" delegates. All active committers in a subproject should be in the PMC ( unless they don't want to ).

The concern that there are too many people is absurd. What is missing is
a bit of discipline in proposals/votes - and that has nothing to do with the number of people.

As you said, all discussions should happen on jakarta-general - so each jakarta committer ( including those who chose not to be in PMC ) get to
participate and express their opinion. The vote should be on jakarta-general too ( counting as binding only PMC member votes, of course ).

The difference between committers who are in PMC and the other should be only in the counting of the votes.

The other argument - that nobody can or want to be responsible for codebases he is not involved with - is also bad. Each PMC member is
overseeing whatever he chooses to ( typically the projects he is involved with and some he voluunteers to ). Every member of the PMC
can vote on any issue - but it is common sense that those who are not
involved with a codebase will abstain ( unless they have a good reason not to ).


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