On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 07:36:20 -0500
Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> One example might be a lawyer working closely w/ a community (for 
> whatever reason) - that lawyer might be providing tremendous input and 
> participation, but has no need/use for committership.  That person 
> could still be a member of the PMC.

Well said. Also, i think PMC members do *not* "have to develop"
source codes.
For example, look at ORO. I've heard ORO team does not have 3 *active*
committers, however, I believe some of PMC members (not ORO committers)
can vote at oro-dev and can take *responsibilities* to the codes,
when the vote of ORO X.Y.Z release.
ORO-dev archive (open) memorizes who vote(d) and who are/were
responsible to the votes.

Anyways, I think Jakarta can have Jakartan-Way.

Good luck, folks.


-- Tetsuya. ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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