I'm sure that Craig or other will correct my mistakes (I haven't been here
quite that long :).

Jakarta started as "Tomcat and friends" after Sun donated Tomcat to the ASF
(hence the name 'Jakarta' :).  As the project grew (sign of success),
Jakarta grew to include projects that don't necessarily rely on Tomcat (but
could be used with), nor that Tomcat relies on.  This has been the
traditional "server-side-java" test.

Now, Jakarta has been having projects that want to leave to ASF-TLP status
(e.g. log4j, ant, maven, james).  This is calling into question what the
'Jakarta' name stands for now.  What this thread is about is trying to
answer this question:  what, if any, is the mission of 'Jakarta' going

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> Could someone please explain the motivation behind the creation of Jakarta
and how it got to where
> it is today? May be that would help answer some of the questions we have?
> -Harish
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