Henri Yandell wrote:

> XML has lots of Java bits, and Maven, Ant, Cocoon, Avalon,
> James are all Java Development and not in Jakarta.

> If we go with this approach, we end up with the continuation of: "should
> digester be in jakarta or xml" etc.  Does XML take precedence over the
> fact it's in Java, or [...]

There is an entire spectrum of possibilities between Jakarta as One Big
Project, and Jakarta as a Confederation of Projects.  And to be quite
honest, so long as there is proper oversight, I generally couldn't care less
where in the spectrum things get organized.  When you come down to it, we
ought to be facilitating an enlarged and healthy ASF Community, where
everyone feels welcome to participate in whatever project(s) they find

The PMC structure is about oversight.  My view is that each "subproject"
should decide how it wants to participate in the structure, so long as it
ensures that proper oversight is provided.  And this is why, however the
projects decide to participate in a PMC, we should keep in mind that project
organization does not have to be reflected by the web organization.  If
project P decides to have its own PMC, and wants to be present on the web as
jakarta.apache.org/P, why should we say that it has to reside elsewhere?

In fact, client-side-caching and performance aside for the moment, imagine
if we had a new domain:


which was running some portal software, and allowed people to customize
their own view of the Apache Projects.  People who wanted to track commits,
news, e-mails, issues, and other information related to their favorite
projects could see their customized portal view of the ASF.

Perhaps impractical today, but just consider the possibilities when we stop
thinking of the web site structure as reflecting our internal organization.

        --- Noel

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