Stephen wrote,

> For example, am I in writing this email, acting in the capacity of a PMC 
> member, a committer, or an individual?

Seems to me that part of the reason it is difficult to resolve the issues confronting 
Jakarta is that several initial assumptions are required, and that these are not 
stated or clearly implied anywhere.

Greg assures us that the board aren't likely to act precipitately (if thats how you 
spell it), and we haven't had "official" communications from The Members of The Board 
on the topic, yet there are a lot of hints about the unsuitability of Jakarta's 
present organisation. 

I think we could do with some concrete direction, or at least an affirmation of our 
mandate to continue what we are currently doing. Because to me it is increasingly 
feeling like we're trying to fix something which (apart from a few details like the 
bylaws) isn't broken on the basis of speculation and conjecture, and the danger in 
that is obvious, we'll end up breaking the thing we're trying to fix, or failing to 
fix the parts which are broken.

And with the utmost respect for Sam hopefully that is something a new Chairman, with 
more time and fresh enthusiasm for the role, will be able to provide.


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