Noel J. Bergman wrote:

Stephen McConnell wrote:

If I understand correctly, the opinions of an individual are not the
same as a motion passed by the BOD.


In fact, my understanding is that the role of PMC implies
no rights at all - just extra responsibility.

Is there anything concrete to suggest otherwise?

Did you read the two messages, one from Roy, the other from Greg in his
official capacity as ASF Chairman? If not, please do so.

Yes I have read the posts from Roy and Greg.

If so, and you
still have some questions that you feel you must have answered, perhaps it
would be best for you to addressed them directly with the Board.  I don't
believe that it would be appropriate for anyone else to pose an
authoritative sounding answer.

I think I disagee - let me explain why.

Based on my reading of Board minutes and the corporation documents there is identification of the notion of ASF officers and member and protection that the ASF provides to individuals within these roles. However, a PMC member may not necessarily be an ASF member. In this particular case the PMC member, while recognized by the Board as contributing to project oversite, is IMO not formally granted any protection by the ASF beyond actions clearly bound to a board directive.

While I know that Greg has specifically stated that PMC members shall be granted protection by the ASF, there is Roy's qualified "who is or was serving at the request of ..." statement, and as such - I think that we dealing with a definition that is rather subjective.

For example, am I in writing this email, acting in the capacity of a PMC member, a committer, or an individual? One could argue that no officer of the foundation has requested that I raise this question therefore I am not acting in accordance with Roy's definition. On the otherhand I could be asking this question in order to clarify this question in order to properly represent the interests of the developers in the Avalon community in which case I could argue that I am asking this question in my capacity as a member of the Avalon PMC (protected under Greg's comments and possibly protected subject to the opinion of an officer of the corporation under Roy's definition). But what if an officer of the corporation disagrees with my question - do I loose the protection that is asserted?

I think this comes down to the fact that the general definition of a PMC member in terms of responsibilities (and thereby liabilities and commensurate need for protection) at the level of PMC establishment by the Board are minimal - but sufficient to enable a PMC as a body to qualify these aspects - and through this process (involving the establishment of policies and procedures) - establish tangible and quantifiable protection towards its members in a manner that is representative of the resonsibilities (and corresponding liabilities) that PMC membership encompasses.



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