Noel J. Bergman wrote:
What about starting by making sure Apache java projects _do_ work with
the 2 open source JVMs that are mentioned in the article ?

Which two?  I've had a thought to try testing James under gcj at some point.
RedHat has already done a whole bunch of Java-based Apache projects with

Well, if you read the article that started the thread... You won't like it... The other open source java virtual machine is ... Mono.

I think supporting GCJ and maybe kaffe would be good enough to start.

And regarding Danny's comment - yes, testing and reporting bugs is the best solution, but just like we worked around bugs in Sun's VM, we should also try to work around bugs in the open source VMs, at least until the bugs are fixed ( or even better - until patches we send get included into the JVM CVS ! :-).

At the moment Classpath project provides an almost complete implemnetation of the JDK1.3 ( with a lot of JDK1.4 ). And the same implementation is shared by all open source VMs that I know.


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