Rainer Klute schrieb:
> Martin van den Bemt schrieb:
>> [+1] Open up POI svn commit access.
>> [-1] Don't open POI svn commit access, because...
> [0] I don't care.
Having read all the contribution 
<http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&p=/gQPU.&search=contribution>s on this 
thread, I revoke my vote quoted above and instead vote as follows:

[+1] Open up POI svn commit access.

Please read my vote not just as referring to a technical issue concerning 
commit access or not. My vote is a clear statement to

    * keep POI under the Jakarta hood,
    * stick to the ASF rules, and
    * do everything that is needed to straighten things out.

I am a POI committer.

Best regards
Rainer Klute

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