> So.. I think we need to:
> 1) Get the fixed POI release out. Fixed source headers, vote on the
> files etc.
> 2) Sort out the legal statement so that it's more official and
> organized (copying Harmony seems good). While everything I'm hearing
> when I ask legal-internal, legal vp, secretary etc (and same for
> Martin afaik) says we don't _have_ to do anything; I can see the
> points of the arguments for playing it safe. Effectively it's Jakarta
> PMC policy rather than legal requirement so we need to make it so.
> Apologies again to Andy for suggesting the legal statement was a
> policy he initiated rather than ancient and lost Jakarta PMC policy.

We definitely need to do something with that, but just solving it at the PMC 
level, doesn't help.
I am not in favor of gathering useless documents, so if we come up with 
something it actually has to
*mean* something legally, else we are just keeping books to keep books (even 
though I am from the
Netherlands, where we like bureaucracy, doesn't mean that I like it).


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