Martin van den Bemt wrote:
>> -1 from me.
>> Harmony doesn't let anyone commit on their project unless they they
>> sign a statement saying they haven't looked at Sun's source code[1].
>> AFAIK this is a similar issue and the POI policy [2] is designed to
>> protect POI, which as a user of POI is a good thing IMO. Even if this
>> fear is actually unfounded seems like a sensible policy to err on the
>> side of caution.
> Just FYI, the policy doesn't mean anything legally, so it doesn't help 
> anyone. We have the ICLA that
> covers that. Keeping POI SVN closed, is as far as I could see, just based on 
> the assumption that it
>   means something. Besides that if this is a policy of some kind, where are 
> the records ?

Ouch rereading this I meant : The POI policy of course :) (in case it is 


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