On Wednesday 17 August 2005 14:36, Grobian wrote:
>  From a database point of view, it is evil to duplicate values in an
> automated manner, just use a foreign key for such purposes.  In other
> words, avoid duplication.  If such bash function is a common tool then
> -- apart from wondering why it isn't part of the default suite -- this
> anti-duplication constraint is being broken massively.  I like Mike's
> idea, because it deals with data redundancy and basically uses this
> 'foreign key' for the changelog.
There's a big difference: a database is intended to be used by apps, 
changelogs and commit logs are intended to be used by humans.

Example? When you go in a forum you don't see the foreign key referring to 
users, to forums, to replies ... you see the actual data.
Same for webpages.

I still find a natural ChangeLog simpler to look at instead of using cvs log.

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