On Thursday 09 March 2006 11:00, Doug Goldstein wrote:
> Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone thinks you did a great job with
> MySQL. 

Ditto - and I voted against a slotted mysql at that :/

Maybe there needs to be an IWANTSLOTS feature or something, because the same 
rationale for why I was against a slotted mysql would have other people 
against a slotted kde, or slotted perl (ouch, so close to home, even if its 
conceptually fictional) - I neither need nor desire having multiple copies of 
the application available on one box, when i am only ever going to connect to 
one running copy.

Hmmmm...a feature flag that (where applicable) disabled retaining other slots 
might be nice come to think of it....<hijack thread accidently>....disabled 
for the packages you need multiples of (berkdb?) but optionally enabled for 
packages like WM's and relational DB's where you just might not want more 
copies...or to remember to go back and unmerge and track the stray files 
for....</end accidental hijack>

Just my 2cents. Don't take the vote results the wrong way - at leat you know 
people cared enough to comment, which means your working on something 
worthwhile :)

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