Saturday, 3. June 2006 06:33, Donnie Berkholz Ви написали:
> Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> Couple of questions:
> 1) Can it handle non-gcc compilers? If so, how?
> 2) Can it handle different languages being set to different compilers?
> For example, use Intel's Fortran compiler but GCC for everything else.
> If neither of those are possible now, I would like to look into fixing
> this.
> Thanks,
> Donnie

Well, incidentally I was working on "toolchainasing" gnat (a gcc based Ada 
compiler, basically just another frontend) and pestered toolchain people on 
irc regarding similar matters. Basically it came down to: toolchain.eclass 
and eselect-compiler are not for stuff not in gcc, so I had to create my own 
ones (gnatbuild.eclass and eselect-gnat), a bit simpler versions actually :). 
I could not inherit toolchain.eclass either, only copy the relevant parts of 

A due notice: this was discussed already like half a year ago (although when I 
announced progress here on -dev no comments followed), so if the things have 
chaged since then I will be interested to know too..


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