On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 13:31 +0100, Roy Bamford wrote:
> That's the beginnings of a good election manifesto. All the candidates 
> need to explain, if they are elected :- 
> 1. What they will do
> 2. Why they will do it
> 3. How they will do it
> 4. Timescales for their plans.

5. Experience doing similar things in other arenas
6. Why they think they're qualified for the position
7. How they plan on adding the Council work into their normal Gentoo
work load
8. How much time they have to dedicate to Council tasks

These last two are probably some of the most important to me, since I
have seen first-hand how much time the Council can take.  Here's a
glimpse, for the rest of you... When the Council was working on the CoC,
I spent in excess of 50 hours in one week working solely on the CoC.
This means I put my actual paying job on the back burner for the Council
because I pretty much had to do so.  The Council is *not* only a once a
month job.  You're a Council member every hour of every day for a year.

> This information will allow the electorate to choose a team with 
> similar aims, so we get a cohesive council, not a collection of 
> individuals trying to take Gentoo in different directions. 

I know that I will likely be choosing people of a like mind to myself.
I'll also probably be picking people the *least* likely to be pushing
for a ton of changes, simply because I also don't think we need 7 people
pushing in 7 directions only trying to get *their* ideas enacted.

> Any candidate unwilling to prepare such a manifesto should withdraw now 
> as they clearly don't have the time or interest to take an active seat 
> on the council.


> Like it or not, the council is more of a social/political body than a 
> development body.

This is really true.  While the Council is the main technical body, we
tend to make technical decisions very quickly and without controversy.
Social/political issues are almost always very long-running and tend to
take up more of our time.  If I were to guess, I would say that 90% of
what we do is technical, but the 10% that is non-technical takes up 90%
of our time.

Chris Gianelloni
Release Engineering Strategic Lead
Alpha/AMD64/x86 Architecture Teams
Games Developer/Council Member/Foundation Trustee
Gentoo Foundation

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