Roy Bamford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>On 2007.07.21 10:47, Peter Weller wrote:
>> My main plans over the next few years would be to improve 
>> communications (and (more importantly?) openness), not just between 
>> developers, but also between herds, users, the Council, the Trustees, 
>> upstream and so on. 
>> I'd particularly want to ensure that there is 
>> better communication between us (Gentoo) and projects such as Sabayon 
>> Linux and Ainkaboot, as I believe that we can all make use of each 
>> other's skills and ideas to provide better distribution(s). 
>> I'd encourage "innovative" ideas and projects, such as the inclusion of, 
>> for example, XGL/Compiz/Beryl/Compiz-Fusion or whatever it's called 
>> these days.
>> I'd also encourage the introduction of targets, as discussed by antarus
>> the -core ML. And all that kinda stuff.

> That's the beginnings of a good election manifesto. All the candidates
> to explain, if they are elected :- 
> 1. What they will do
> 2. Why they will do it
> 3. How they will do it
> 4. Timescales for their plans.

> This information will allow the electorate to choose a team with similar
aims, so
> we get a cohesive council, not a collection of individuals trying to take
> in different directions. 

I like this line of thinking, it really helps the rest of us in our voting
decisions when we know what your plans are. I also agree with Neddy when he
says it would be best if we could elect a council with similar ideas instead
of each person potentially having completely different ideas.
That said, I don't think the questions Neddy stated above should wait to be
answered until someone is elected, we'd really need to know that up front to
make an informed decision.
Welp it appears to me that you had four plans in your email, and by the way
thank you for being first to state them. Could you go back over them and
respond to the how you would plan on doing it and under what time frame?
(Innovative ideas are great, but don't mean much if they cant be executed.)

Kind regards,
Christina Fullam
Gentoo Developer Relations Lead | GWN Author

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