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> Yes, I will accept.
> My main plans over the next few years would be to improve
> communications (and (more importantly?) openness), not just between
> developers, but also between herds, users, the Council, the Trustees,
> upstream and so on. I'd particularly want to ensure that there is
> better
> communication between us (Gentoo) and projects such as Sabayon Linux
> and Ainkaboot, as I believe that we can all make use of each other's
> skills and ideas to provide better distribution(s). I'd encourage
> "innovative" ideas and projects, such as the inclusion of, for
> example,
> XGL/Compiz/Beryl/Compiz-Fusion or whatever it's called these days. 
> I'd
> also encourage the introduction of targets, as discussed by antarus 
> on
> the -core ML. And all that kinda stuff.
> Now, I'm sure that a number of you would prefer everything to be
> closed, kept private within a number of individuals, but if that *is*
> the case, why on Earth are you involved with an *Open* Source 
> project,
> such as Gentoo? Wouldn't you be better off using the likes of Adobe's
> products and Microsoft's products?
> Yes, I am quite young. Yes, I could be considered relatively new to
> the
> project. Yes, I might make mistakes, but I also *learn* from 
> mistakes,
> which some people seem to find hard. Being young/relatively new to 
> the
> project will allow me to potentially bring a fresh view on things,
> that
> some of you old fuddy-duddies may or may not have thought of before.
> And isn't that what Gentoo is about? New ideas, innovation, fresh
> views, etc, etc. Anyway. Meh. I'm starting to waffle on.
> And I'm moving house at the beginning of August, I'm also going to
> France sometime in August. Just some advanced warnings that I may not
> be around so much during the voting period.
> Bai!


That's the beginnings of a good election manifesto. All the candidates 
need to explain, if they are elected :- 

1. What they will do
2. Why they will do it
3. How they will do it
4. Timescales for their plans.

This information will allow the electorate to choose a team with 
similar aims, so we get a cohesive council, not a collection of 
individuals trying to take Gentoo in different directions. 

Any candidate unwilling to prepare such a manifesto should withdraw now 
as they clearly don't have the time or interest to take an active seat 
on the council.

Like it or not, the council is more of a social/political body than a 
development body.


Roy Bamford,
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