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> All,
> You've all stated that you accept or don't accept (but this is
> targeted at the acceptors, sorry non-acceptors) but the people that
> accept haven't really given much reason as to why they would be a good
> candidate. 
> --
> Doug Goldstein

Yes, I will accept.

My main plans over the next few years would be to improve
communications (and (more importantly?) openness), not just between
developers, but also between herds, users, the Council, the Trustees,
upstream and so on. I'd particularly want to ensure that there is better
communication between us (Gentoo) and projects such as Sabayon Linux
and Ainkaboot, as I believe that we can all make use of each other's
skills and ideas to provide better distribution(s). I'd encourage
"innovative" ideas and projects, such as the inclusion of, for example,
XGL/Compiz/Beryl/Compiz-Fusion or whatever it's called these days. I'd
also encourage the introduction of targets, as discussed by antarus on
the -core ML. And all that kinda stuff.

Now, I'm sure that a number of you would prefer everything to be
closed, kept private within a number of individuals, but if that *is*
the case, why on Earth are you involved with an *Open* Source project,
such as Gentoo? Wouldn't you be better off using the likes of Adobe's
products and Microsoft's products?

Yes, I am quite young. Yes, I could be considered relatively new to the
project. Yes, I might make mistakes, but I also *learn* from mistakes,
which some people seem to find hard. Being young/relatively new to the
project will allow me to potentially bring a fresh view on things, that
some of you old fuddy-duddies may or may not have thought of before.
And isn't that what Gentoo is about? New ideas, innovation, fresh
views, etc, etc. Anyway. Meh. I'm starting to waffle on.

And I'm moving house at the beginning of August, I'm also going to
France sometime in August. Just some advanced warnings that I may not
be around so much during the voting period.


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