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> Sounds like what you really want are tags, not categories ...

Yes and no. tags would definitely be better than subcategories. But
for some packages a new category would probably still make sense like
app-scm ( 

> You could play with adding them into metadata.xml and patching some
> existing search tools to search for them.

Added to my TODO list. Extending existing search tool would only be a
first step however. The ability to exclude/include packages from the
tree would also be a useful feature (and that doesn't seam to fit the
design of the tools I have used).

> I'm all for the idea of tags,
> and I think it's a better approach than categories.

Thinking about it again I would say tags and categories just fulfill
different purposes. Tags can not replace categories but might be a
useful extension to categories for the tasks I described, not more not
less. They are not better or worse, just different:)

-- Jonas
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