On 18:35 Mon 04 Feb     , Jonas Bernoulli wrote:
> So I ask you: why are there no such categories? Of course I can
> imagine a few reasons myself for not having more categories:
> (1) a category must in general include n packages
> (2) more categories are evil, once we start creating new once there is no end
> (3) moving packages in the tree is bad, things break
> (4) who does all the work
> (5) subcategories would be better, but to implement this...
> ....
> Please point me to any discussions on this subject. Keep in mind I am
> not demanding new categories, I am not even asking for them to be
> created. I simply would like to know why there aren't more. And if you
> developers are also interested in more categories I would love to make
> some suggestions and help with looking through the tree to see which
> packages would have to be moved.
> Reasons why more categories might be usefull:

Sounds like what you really want are tags, not categories ...

You could play with adding them into metadata.xml and patching some 
existing search tools to search for them. I'm all for the idea of tags, 
and I think it's a better approach than categories.

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