Mart Raudsepp wrote:
> I'm believe the primary reason is for release LiveCD's.
> They ship with evolution-exchange, and that requires
> evolution/evolution-data-server to be built with USE=kerberos
> They don't do /etc/portage business, so it's a global USE flag to get
> things like GRP packages to work right.

Yes, but not just for the LiveCDs. I spoke with wolf31o2 about this some
time ago, asking why it was turned on in the desktop profile. He said it
was for Evolution stuff, not just on the LiveCDs though. Also supposed
to be useful for folks who want lots of Exchange and other stuff for
their rich email client.

I'm also in favor of punting it from the desktop profiles; doing so puts
me that much closer to actually using it.

Long as we're discussing things to punt, here's some stuff to kick out
of the desktop profile:

mikmod - Seriously, how many folks make it a habit to listen to .MOD
music all the time? Even netlabels like Monotonik, which started *out*
as .mod, make it harder to find their old .mod stuff.

ldap - Punt for the same reasons kerberos is being punted.

eds - Down with more Evolution things! Though possibly not ideal for
Gnome user?

esd - no one should be using Enlightenment Sound Daemon, period. Ain't
it deprecated, anyway? No worky?

emboss - Seriously. Who needs the European Biology Open Software Suite
on a *desktop* oriented system?

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