On Saturday 01 November 2008 02:44:50 Josh Saddler wrote:
> emboss - Seriously. Who needs the European Biology Open Software Suite
> on a *desktop* oriented system?

That flag is only used by a few sci-biology packages, so if you don't have any 
of those installed, it doesn't matter whether the flag is on or off.  IIRC 
the argument for having it on was that the majority of people who /do/ use 
those packages will want it.

I suppose one could say that it should be set in IUSE or profile package.use 
instead, but IMHO, if there are enough packages using it to justify making it 
a global flag in the first place, and all of them need the same default, it 
makes sense to set the default globally (*cough*ocamlopt*cough*).

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