Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> On 15:35 Mon 01 Dec     , Joe Peterson wrote:
>> However, what I see as perhaps a missing "piece" is more conceptual: the
>> important connection between the valuable info in the emerge logs (and their
>> somewhat transient default nature) and what a user looks for when he/she has 
>> a
>> problem with a package.  Yes, users will realize this as they use Gentoo (and
>> will start paying more attention to logs as a result), so I don't think it's 
>> a
>> huge problem, but what this particular user said to me made me think that
>> there is, perhaps, an opportunity to improve the situation.
> Based on the rarity of me seeing this reported as a problem, I'm 
> inclined to think it says more about this user than about our system.

This could very-well be.  However:

> I don't think it's our responsibility to put documentation everywhere 
> someone might conceivably look for information.

I agree with this statement, but I wasn't implying we should duplicate
information everywhere.  I wanted to explore this as an opportunity to
re-think if having an official "de facto" spot for "gentoo readmes"
would make sense, thereby saving log output in a useful place where
users would learn to look regularly.  I agree this would only be
reasonable if it were the right thing, architecturally, for Gentoo, not
just for this one user's issue.


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