Am Sonntag, den 04.01.2009, 18:06 +0100 schrieb Jeroen Roovers:
> On Sun, 04 Jan 2009 17:02:21 +0000
> Mike Auty <> wrote:
> > According to [1], "When the file lists multiple entries, then you
> > assign the bug to the first maintainer, and CC the other
> > maintainer(s) and herd(s)."  So it looks as though the file should go
> > through the maintainers first and herds second?  Should be pretty
> > easy to fix...
> I spotted that too but didn't remember putting it in black and white. :)
> The order ("first maintainer as assignee" or "first maintainer/herd as
> assignee") is open to discussion and I think this is the proper forum to
> have that discussion.

I'd say that the correct way to fix this is to fix the metadata schema
to be able to write something like this:



<maintainer type="team">foo</maintainer>
<maintainer type="dev">adev</maintainer>
<maintainer type="team">bar</maintainer>

Because having to write this:


is just nonsense.


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