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Robert Buchholz wrote:
> Accepting the fact that different teams have different preferences, we 
> need to find a solution for them to set theirs individually. This could 
> either be the order of elements in metadata.xml (and would set the 
> preference on a per-package basis) or some attribute in herds.xml 
> (which would be a global setting per herd, and we'd need to find a 
> default).

Ok, sounds like we've got some options:

a) herds.xml per-herd priority flag (herd gets assigned)
b) metadata.xml priority element (can be opt-in or opt-out)
c) order of elements in metadata.xml

I'm personally not keen on the order of elements, since adding meaning
to the order might mean a fair number of misassignments until people fix
the metadata.xml files.

The herds.xml element isn't very specific, but if the herd-first rules
apply to the whole herd, then it's probably the least-impact solution.

Finally, if we think we'll ever need something more specific than
herds.xml, we could add an extra element.  <priority type="herd"> or
<priority type="maintainer"> could be added to the minority case (I'm
not sure which has fewer ebuilds, but if there's hard and fast rules
this should be relatively automatable).

More involved solutions could include wrapping the appropriate element
in <assignee></assignee> (what happens if there's no assignee tag), or
adding an assignee attribute to one of the herd/maintainer tags (how can
we ensure there's never two assignees).

I'm up for whatever, with a slight preference toward not relying on

Mike  5:)
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