Peter Volkov wrote:

> ? ???, 04/01/2009 ? 18:57 +0100, Robert Buchholz ?????:
>> Accepting the fact that different teams have different preferences, we
>> need to find a solution for them to set theirs individually. This could
>> either be the order of elements in metadata.xml (and would set the
>> preference on a per-package basis) or some attribute in herds.xml
>> (which would be a global setting per herd, and we'd need to find a
>> default).
> It looks like we really need some per-team configuration for default
> assignment.
I agree, given that it's not going to affect running systems (I hope); in
the longer term, it would be nice to be able to configure by pkg, cat or

> Probably it's good idea to add 'weight' (or 'nice') 
> attribute for <herd> and <maintainer> elements both in herds.xml and
> metadata.xml. Bug assignment field will be selected from the elements
> with minimal weight (least nice ;)).
Shouldn't the 'nicest' entity take it? ;)

A simple assignToHerd="yes|no|<unset>" (or 0|1) might be easier to deal with
(otherwise you're going to have a maintenance headache with the variant
levels?) and would deal with all the use-cases afaict; a team does [eg
kde/gnome] or does not want bugs, unless the category/CP/CPV merits a
change in that policy. Obviously if none set, use the maintainer list as-is
without filtering.

Sure, it can be done by patching the tree over time, but it seems crude and
a further maintenance + bug-wrangling burden for no benefit, when the
coders are on-hand and engaged to tweak the new impl.

OFC, a rush to completion is understandable, given how long this has been in
the planning; I'd argue that's a reason to go the final ten metres.

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