2010/3/4 Dawid Węgliński <c...@gentoo.org>:
> On Wednesday 03 March 2010 22:51:10 Ben de Groot wrote:
>> I'm not talking about selectively disabling cups. My proposal is
>> to no longer enable the cups useflag in the base profile.
> How is that going to fix circular dependency problem? What will you do if 
> every
> user add cups to USE in make.conf? Say "we don't support cups turned on by
> default"? I hope no. Removing this flag from profile will not fix any problem 
> but
> hide it.

It will fix the "out of the box" circular dependency for people who
switch to a default desktop profile. This is the main problem we
need to solve now. Certain useflag and package combinations
will trigger a circular dep, that is a know occurrence in Gentoo.
But at least with a default configuration things should work out of
the box. For other configurations there are workarounds (in this
case: install gtk+ without cups, or poppler without cairo enabled

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer (qt, media, lxde, desktop-misc)

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