On 03/02/2010 07:53 AM, "Paweł Hajdan, Jr." wrote:
> On 3/1/10 11:09 PM, Maciej Mrozowski wrote:
>> On Monday 01 of March 2010 22:24:56 Ben de Groot wrote:
>>> For some reason beyond my understanding, we have the cups useflag
>>> enabled by default in profiles. This has started to generate circular
>>> dependencies, at least for desktop profile users (gtk -> cups ->
>>> poppler -> gtk). I propose we no longer enable the cups useflag.
>> Please do, as well there are some other candidates for purging from base 
>> profile, namely 'perl' and 'python' USE flags.
> How do these creep in? Are there no repoman checks for that?

Commits to profiles are not done with repoman and there's no checks in
it either. A lot of stuff is on by default because of history. Disabling
them didn't really make sense before we had EAPI 2.


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