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> > Richard Freeman<ri...@gentoo.org>  writes:
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> >> I think that is separate from the circular dependency issue.  As long
> >> as we have an unresolved circular dependency I think cups should be
> >> off the list.  However, I'd be the first to agree that this is a
> >> short-term solution.
> >>
> >> The problem is that we only have two long-term solutions so far:
> >>
> >> 1.  A smarter package manager that can work through these dependencies
> >> automatically.
> >>
> >> 2.  Splitting packages like poppler that have these issues.
> >>      
> > Is there not a third, maybe obvious, solution to circular dependencies
> > on initial install?
> >
> > 3.  Include one or both of the packages in the stage tarball.
> >
> >    
> I'm not a dev but what else uses poppler or other packages that would be 
> added?  Also, this would affect server profiles.  Last I checked, 
> server, desktop or any other profile starts from the same tarball.  It's 
> a idea but would it be a good one?  I don't know the answer to that 
> question.
> Is this a Gentoo thing or is this caused by upstream?  I only use Gentoo 
> so maybe it affects other distros as well.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)

Well the merge of the poppler packages seems to have been made in upstream. So 
it should affect other distros as well. Perhaps not binary distros, though. 
For now I don't see any other way to solve it other than removing the use flag, 
and perhaps adding a warning in the handbook about this circular dep.
the idea about using a tarball is good enough, the problem with that (as I see 
it) is what Dale also points out. Desktop and server profiles start from the 
same tarball, so in order to do this effectively (I seem to remember people 
coming to an agreement that a server profile wouldn't need cups), there'd have 
to be a tarball for desktops and one for servers.
I quite like the idea of a unified tarball, and going from there, choosing the 
right profile etc. As opposed to choosing the right tarball, then choosing the 
right profile that fits with that tarball. To me it seems to complicate matters 
where there's no need. And also, we would like for portage to continue to grow, 
and being able to resolve circular dependencies automatically, doesn't seem 
like a bad goal. :-)

Zeerak Waseem

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