On 4 March 2010 21:01, Dale <rdalek1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Removing the cups USE flag still doesn't fix the problem I pointed out in
> another reply.  If you unpack the tarball and set the USE line as you
> should, the circular dependency is still there.  Correct?  So nothing is
> "fixed" by doing this.

What it fixes is (1) the circular dependency that people run into on a
fresh install and the default desktop profile, and (2) the default
dependency on cups that many users do not need.

What it does not fix is the case of users who enable both cairo and
cups useflags on a system where neither gtk+ nor cups is present
yet. But this issue can be discussed separately from whether cups
should be enabled in profiles.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer (qt, media, lxde, desktop-misc)

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