On 4 March 2010 23:34, Dale<>  wrote:
What it does not fix is the case of users who enable both cairo and
cups useflags on a system where neither gtk+ nor cups is present
yet. [...]
In the other post, I explained how this will not fix this at all.
So we agree there. You did not seem to grasp the following part:

But this issue can be discussed separately from whether cups
should be enabled in profiles.

Actually, it is the problem. You want to remove cups to solve the problem of circular dependencies. How can you discuss one without the other? To say that you want to fix a problem that is not fixed just doesn't make sense. The problem, whether you remove cups or not, is still there. As soon as a user adds cups, you have changed nothing at all. The only difference is you get to blame the user for "creating" the problem by adding cups.

It seems to me that the problem was created by splitting popular and now you need yet another fix. There needs to be a better way to do this. Fixing a fix, then fixing another fix and so on is not going to work. This is like running in circles. It gets you nowhere.


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