On 03/05/2010 08:06 AM, Ben de Groot wrote:
On 5 March 2010 04:18, Graham Murray<gra...@gmurray.org.uk>  wrote:
3.  Include one or both of the packages in the stage tarball.
None of the packages involved (gtk+, cups and poppler) is in any
shape or form essential, so you will have a very hard time convincing
people that this is the best solution.

I tend to agree, but do consider this:

1. We wouldn't need to put all the packages in the dep list up to these packages in the tarball - you could just put one package in the tarball so that when emerge gets to this point it won't die.

2. You don't need to put that package in @system, so the first time the user cleans out their install it will be removed. For server users it will start out there but will eventually go away.

It does increase the size of the tarball, which is of course undesirable. We might also need to modify the build scripts since I'm guessing those scripts look at @system to figure out what belongs in the tarball and these packages don't need to be there.

I do agree that it isn't really an ideal solution, and probably not the first thing we should try...


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