On 03/18/2010 10:10 PM, Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 22:02:38 +0200
> Petteri Räty <betelge...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>> Here's how we could change Portage behavior for pulling new slots that
>> are not strictly required:
>> - for packages in the world file install as soon as available
>> - for dependencies install the new slot if everything works with the
>> new slot
>> This would mean that Portage would stay with 2.6 as long as you have
>> something that doesn't work with 3.x installed.
> Why would you want the majority of your packages that can use a newer,
> shinier version of a library to continue using the old version? Do you
> really want to stick with Qt3 until every single app you have supports
> Qt4?

PM can make it configurable. It's a trade off between having as few
packages as possible installed and upgrading as soon as possible. In
general I want to keep my installed stuff to minimum. I don't have a
need for new stuff that I don't know exists. If I know packages can make
use of it to give me something new and shiny I can always manually
request the new slot to be installed. Most likely before everything is
ported over there is something written to require the new version
explicitly so it's sooner than you are saying.


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