On 03/19/2010 01:52 AM, Dale wrote:
> I think what most people want is for portage not to pull in a package
> that nothing uses.  I'm not a dev nor a programmer but I have yet to see
> any good reason for installing something that is not being used.  It's
> not being tested to see if it is stable.  It would have to be used
> before that would happen.  Basically, it is just one more package to
> update and taking up hard drive space.  It's not doing anything else.

It won't be pulled in unless something else is pulled in that "can
use python3".

> As for slots, if something needs it, portage would pull in the new
> slot.  That's what portage does.  It just seems in this case it is
> pulling in a new slot that nothing uses.

The problem is, most people will have have something pulled in via
dependencies that "can use python3", even though python-2.x will
suffice. For cases like this, some users may want to use
package.mask in order to prevent python3 from being installed.

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