Zac Medico wrote:
On 03/19/2010 12:15 AM, Dale wrote:
I think this is because people that use Gentoo do so because it doesn't
install things they don't need.  Why install a package that is used by
no other package?  It's pointless.

I would also add, if it gets installed and is used by no other package,
--depclean should remove it.  Putting it in package.mask locally is sort
of silly in my opinion.  There will come a day, maybe way off in the
future, that something will need it.  Then you have to edit the file
again so portage can install it.
I guess what you want is an emerge
--avoid-new-slots-whenever-possible option. You might also want it
to check for cases in which pulling in a new slot will allow you to
remove an older slot (that will require some additional work).

Having options like those would be really super, but I don't think
using package.mask to do it will be so awful.

I think what most people want is for portage not to pull in a package that nothing uses. I'm not a dev nor a programmer but I have yet to see any good reason for installing something that is not being used. It's not being tested to see if it is stable. It would have to be used before that would happen. Basically, it is just one more package to update and taking up hard drive space. It's not doing anything else.

As for slots, if something needs it, portage would pull in the new slot. That's what portage does. It just seems in this case it is pulling in a new slot that nothing uses.


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