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Brian Harring <ferri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > We are waiting on ABI dependencies (and extended support for
> > multiple ABIs in package manager), which will provide some needed
> > functionality.
> You can do it now w/out waiting on ABI dependencies- I'm not saying 
> the dependencies would be pretty, but it's doable to get abi level 
> depdencies per slotting via expanding out the use combinations.
> Note that's a step beyond what's in place now- converting over to the 
> ruby abuse of USE_EXPAND hands over better control to users now w/
> the same dep gurantees.
> So... yeah, it's not reliant on EAPI.  An EAPI extension *would* make 
> it easier, but it's not required to do it (especially since the deps 
> are already autogenerated to a decent degree).

How would do it and deal with existing packages not having the required
things in IUSE without (+)/(-) use deps? I don't see a way of doing it
legally without those.

Ciaran McCreesh

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