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Because it is extremely useless to the great majority of users.

Most packages in the tree are useless to the great majority of

Which is why most users don't install everything.  I have about 1000
packages installed here.  The packages installed are either something
I use or a dependency of something I use.  What exactly is this being
installed for again?  If nothing depends on it, there is no need to
have it.

It's being installed because it's a dependency of something you use.

Replace Python with any other library and we wouldn't be having this

It's weird that we have this discussion, that's true. Why don't you guys simply do what you did before when Qt3 was still in the tree? Qt3 applications depended on x11-libs/qt:3, Qt4 ones on x11-libs/qt:4 (before the Qt4 ebuild split).

It seems very obvious and straightforward that the same applies here. And if a package offers both Python 2 and Python 3 compatibility, it should depend on whatever the upstream of that package considers best.

Also, we had a "qt" and "qt4" USE flag before. Why not "python" and "python3" flags? That's an additional way ebuilds can choose deps.

You guys always make easy decisions so complicated. :P

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