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Can you cross post to gentoo-dev? I'm not subscribed to that list.
Should not a wider community, particularly devs be part of the discussion?
Please DO subscribe.

Nope. I strongly believe that if your wider dev community had a deeper understanding of the responsibility chain, gentoo would not be in such a mess. These juvenile beliefs and behaviors your dev teams routinely display, can be used against the organization, if IRS agents so desire. It'd be a trivial occurrence for the IRS to reclassify gentoo to something other than a charity. Any a. h. can profit by being a snitch to the IRS. If you doubt this, find an old/mean/retired IRS agent to audit gentoo. A CPA will lie to you, legally. Cause when you make mistakes and get audited (can be easily triggered by a pal of the CPA you go to), that just means more 'billable hours' for the CPA. They'll bleed gentoo dry and participate with the IRS in going after companies that have used gentoo for their own gain. When you give to a charity, there is suppose to be a 'hands off' what the charity does with the gift, otherwise it's a corporate tax-dodge in the eyes of the IRS.
GSoC is a poster child for this problem.

How's that tech relationship with the tech industry and the trump team looking these days? Go read about about what Obama did to the 501(c) charities circa the 2012 election cycle. Pense was the ring leader in working behind close doors to defund the IRS to calm that one sided
assault on 501(c) organization down.   Read the tea leaves, brah.

The results of what you have discovered, desperately needs to be shared with your devs, so they can begin to develop wisdom and culture their attitudes into a recognized charity organization, which is what Gentoo purports to be. My prayers are with you, brother. Furthermore, the real risk is some starving lawyer goes after one of any of the companies that have previously been generous to gentoo first attacking gentoo. It's a dominoes legal strategy and works all the time in the court systems. Ignorance of the law and shoddy records puts gentoo squarely in the "guilty but pleading for judicial mercy" category. The problem is these sorts of lawyers do not need Trump or Pense to do their bidding. They earn lots of money churning up 501(c) and many others.

For example some layers have made millions and millions of dollars off of suing all sorts of organizations for failure to comply with laws related to the disability act. Things like designated parking spots and wheelchair ramps. 501(c) and governmental agencies have all been sued as such too. So if a potential dev is OCD, or otherwise has psychological disabilities, what is the gentoo strategy to be charitable to them?

Hell, our devs run off folks that are well qualified, due to the clique and the standard dev assimilated trite behaviors. If once they see the power, of the dark side, and first hand witness the devastation the IRS can bring, they'll all understand and become wise; but at a tremendous price. You catching the drift here? I sure hope so.

The long response I just sent is significantly off-topic for the -dev
list. It may be almost on-topic for the -project list, but certainly not

I could not disagree more, but that's your choice.

The council agenda this month includes getting more off-topic stuff out
of -project, so keeping the lists to their intended function should be

You devs are at the heart of the problem; you need to remove your blinders and learn from what has happened. Repent and turn Gentoo into the wonderful charity it should be. Remove the collective a. h. and their behaviors, asap. Set standard and put violators on probation
just like is routine for new devs. Authority alwayhs comes with a price.
Think of it this way, Gentoo is under the microscope and these revelations should have a profound effect on the leadership, asap. Failure to be wise in leadership, is not going to work as a defense in a court of law. Let's hope (and pray) it does not come down to that.

At least a quick link for folk, who are interested can read what is
discussed via the list? I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in
our goals and management infrastructures.

A fine work; thanks for your commitments. I've been here 14 years. This is not a problem of anyone's making. It a problem of a lack of leadership which is due to a lack of wisdom. Now you and the Council and the Foundation are in the positions of leadership; so LEAD.

A word of advise: Document all of the discrepancies you can, since you are now involved as a fiduciary with gentoo. Do not hide any of them. Publish them and beg all for help. gnucash-user is full of help. FREE help. USE it!

California has to have at least one retired IRS agent, if not a thousand or more. Find one; learn and seek guidance.

Caveat Emptor!

For a slightly older piece, also see the talk I gave about the
Foundation, at this year's Gentoo miniconference:


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