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> > What then is the benefit? If what is installed is the same from
> > package manager or binpkg. Also your redistributing another's
> > package in binary format which may not be legally allowed.  
> The difference is that how the package manager/ebuild installs the
> package may be better suited to the environment than what upstream
> expects (such as upstreams that install through a .run file)

I fail to see how basically skipping src_install and maybe some prepare
stuff that makes it better suited to an environment.
Can you explain that further?

These packages are just exploded tarballs. I fail to see the benefit
to repacking those into another tarball to be exploded. At best
skipping src_install and/or prepare, seems to be the only difference.

I see no difference in installing kernel sources via source ebuild or a
binpkg, pre-built ebuild binary. Other than the time it takes to
re-package the kernel sources into another tarball.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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