> > On 08/08/2017 07:23 PM, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:  
> > >> it can already be controlled through env files.    
> > > I was thinking it might, but having used them to skip other
> > > hooks. I was thinking they could not be used as such for binary
> > > packages. Have you confirmed such is possible?  Could you provide
> > > a link or example? Thanks!    
> > 
> > try something like:
> > /etc/portage/env/nobin:
> > FEATURES="-buildpkg"
> > 
> > /etc/portage/package.env/nobin:
> > sys-kernel/gentoo-sources nobin  
> That may work, I was not thinking to negate.  Trying it out now. But
> may lead me to another need... :)

My other need is that it does not seem you can use env files or patches
in profiles. I think I can do the env stuff via other means. Like
package.use. I do not want it in make.defaults, as this is per package.

The problem with env files is managing them per system. I want to do
things like that in profiles. It is to much work to manage that stuff
on each system. Even using things like ansible. Which is why I have
moved to custom profiles rather than per system stuff.

I will need to experiment a bit more. But IMHO a variable that can be
set in an ebuild, and bypassed if needed by operator at emerge time is
the simplest approach.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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