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> On 08/08/2017 06:37 PM, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
> > I make a lot of binaries for use on other systems, to expedite
> > updates. It does not make sense for some packages to ever be a
> > binary package.  
> Any particular reason this decision shouldn't be left to the operator
> of the binhost rather than the package maintainer?

Can you think of any? I cannot see any operator wanting a binary of a
binary, or a package of sources. When they already have a sources
tarball. Maybe in the case of shipping binaries without sources. But I
am not sure if an binary ebuild ignores SRC_URI entirely.

I think moving binaries without needing the distfiles would be the
only reason why an operator may prefer binaries of stuff that does not
get compiled, just installed.

> it can already be controlled through env files.

I was thinking it might, but having used them to skip other hooks. I
was thinking they could not be used as such for binary packages. Have
you confirmed such is possible?  Could you provide a link or example?

William L. Thomson Jr.

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