> I don't care that we have a wiki, but can we please look into killing
> mediawiki and look at something with a git backend? 

I think the wiki is very useful and should remain.

> It would be very nice to be able to edit wiki pages in markdown or another 
> similar format
> and use git to control the changes instead of editing in a browser.

I think it is more efficient to convert your yearly contributions to the
wiki [1] manually from markdown to mediawiki, instead to convert the
existent wiki pages to anything plus setup a new engine and configure
user accounts.

Btw: Would a conversion to another wiki mean that we get another long
footer on every wikipage "This page was edited by... do not remove..."?

For the special case of the Gentoo Manual:
I think the Gentoo Manual is better maintained in a git repository,
because it was initially written like a book and sometimes it is better
to make PRs for the manual.

[1] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/WilliamH


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