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> I don't care that we have a wiki, but can we please look into killing
> mediawiki and look at something with a git backend? It would be very
> nice to be able to edit wiki pages in markdown or another similar format
> and use git to control the changes instead of editing in a browser.

1. Who are the primary beneficiaries of this suggestion?:

  a. People with expert knowledge of development systems and people
     with Gentoo Privileges
  b. End users who may not be experts, in all things development, but
     may be able to contribute and consume content.

2. What compromises in flexibility does this create? Eg: Do suggested
   replacements have capacity to have arbitrary HTML and templating? Or
   are they restricted to the terribly narrow featureset of Markdown?

If you're optimising for 1-a and your choice of compromise results in a
reduction in functionality with regards to clear, flexible, and
expressive content, it will be hard to sell me on the idea.

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