On Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 09:20:53PM +0200, Jonas Stein wrote:
> > I don't care that we have a wiki, but can we please look into killing
> > mediawiki and look at something with a git backend? 
> I think the wiki is very useful and should remain.

Like I said, there are wiki packages out there like gollum, ikiwiki, and
probably others which would allow editing of content via text files and
use vcs's for version control of the changes, so I'm not advocating for
shutting down the wiki. I think we should have one that is more
accessible to users who want to use different interfaces. We shouldn't
be forcing users to use a full web browser just to contribute to the

> > It would be very nice to be able to edit wiki pages in markdown or another 
> > similar format
> > and use git to control the changes instead of editing in a browser.
> I think it is more efficient to convert your yearly contributions to the
> wiki [1] manually from markdown to mediawiki, instead to convert the
> existent wiki pages to anything plus setup a new engine and configure
> user accounts.

If that is converted from markdown, all you would have to do is use the
markdown directly if the new wiki supports it.

> Btw: Would a conversion to another wiki mean that we get another long
> footer on every wikipage "This page was edited by... do not remove..."?

I have no idea about that, but that alone shouldn't stop this from

> For the special case of the Gentoo Manual:
> I think the Gentoo Manual is better maintained in a git repository,
> because it was initially written like a book and sometimes it is better
> to make PRs for the manual.

I don't really see the manual as a special case. We should use the same
interface for everything.


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