Short anwer: Right now, xorg-server[+elogind] is at odds with desktop profile 
that still has +consolekit by default.

For good reasons (long answer):

elogind integration tracker not yet done:
bluez hard-requiring systemd with user-session:
Besides the above, have we really identified all packages that need fixing? I 
certainly haven't made an attempt.

Here's how these flags relate, and how they should be set globally:
?? ( consolekit elogind systemd )

We know from previous fallout (skypeforlinux) that merely having elogind 
installed besides a system built with +consolekit globally will result in 
runtime issues.

Therefore, not one single package, unless it hard-depends on exactly-one-of ( 
elogind systemd ) should enable elogind by default at this time. Doing so now 
only makes people switch it off globally either before or after they are facing 
runtime issues.

Let's fix the remaining bugs, create a proper news item in advance, and then 
switch over desktop profiles to elogind as the new default.


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