В Пт, 22/03/2019 в 23:56 +0300, Andrew Savchenko пишет:
> > - Making pambase always install the configuration for
> > pam_elogind.so,
> > the same way it does for pam_gnome_keyring.so at this very moment,
> > effectively removing elogind USE flag from it.
> Maybe that's a good time to make USE flag for pam_gnome_keyring.so.
> Really, we shouldn't force users with some crap just "because it
> doesn't hurt (much)".

There used to be a gnome-keyring USE flag that controlled auto-
launching of gnome-keyring-daemon on user login. But now support for
gnome-keyring in pambase is pretty minimal, clearly not deserving a USE

$ portageq match / pambase 
$ portageq contents / sys-auth/pambase-20150213-r2 | xargs grep
gnome_keyring 2>/dev/null
/etc/pam.d/passwd:-password     optional        pam_gnome_keyring.so

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