On 22/03/2019 21.43, Brian Evans wrote:
> What are the implications, if any, of using DMs which are not aware of
> {,e}logind?  Do they work without modification?

My understanding is that such DMs, like lightdm, fork X as root anyway,
so there's no implication here, regardless if you have -elogind or
+elogind on xorg-server. Even more, you can have -suid -elogind -systemd
on xorg-server for lightdm and it will work, as again, it starts as root.

The relation between xorg-server and elogind is that pam_elogind.so
provides user upon login with variables like $XDG_VTNR, that Xorg then
uses, when you start X as user, to start X on the very same virtual
terminal that one logged in, and then, elogind (started via dbus or
manually) pass the SETMASTER ioctl.

-- Piotr.

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