On 22/03/2019 21.47, Andreas Sturmlechner wrote:
> Therefore, not one single package, unless it hard-depends on exactly-one-of ( 
> elogind systemd ) should enable elogind by default at this time. Doing so now 
> only makes people switch it off globally either before or after they are 
> facing 
> runtime issues.
> Let's fix the remaining bugs, create a proper news item in advance, and then 
> switch over desktop profiles to elogind as the new default.

So, what you propose is to go IUSE="+suid elogind" on xorg-server for
now, until elogind has full blown support, and then enabling +elogind in
desktop profile?

I am not a big fan of that, but for sure, that would address the issues,
however I am really worried about what to do later with xorg-server. I
*really* do not want suid to be enabled there by default permanently, if
we go the following route, do you think it's feasible to then still
default to +elogind -suid on xorg-server? I understood now that
consolekit clash with elogind, but maybe it's something to handle on
consolekit level, to block elogind from being installed?

This way the users of default profile would defaults to elogind on
xorg-server, and if they desire to use consolekit, they will need to add
-elogind for xorg-server, and adding +suid if they do not use DM that
starts X for them as root.

-- Piotr.

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