On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 2:32 PM Kent Fredric <ken...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Having a discussion at a bar, and you making a commit as a result is
> one thing, but if I discovered a bug, and then only told you about it
> at the bar, that would be possibly bad, because there's no guarantee
> that the bug is communicated sufficient to ensure it gets addressed,
> and you may go home at the end of the night and entirely forget the bug
> existed, and people could continue to suffer it, and potentially
> neglect to report it as well. ( End users are substantially less likely
> to file bugs, IME )
> When I mention bugs to people on IRC, I often follow up with "Would you
> like me to file a bug?".
> Often, the answer is "yes".
> The crux of the matter being bugs that exist, and are communicated
> outside the core bug tracker, weaken the assurance that it will be seen
> and fixed, which amounts to a negative thing.

Oh, I absolutely agree with this.

My point is that right now we have no policy that requires bugs to be
filed.  And hence stuff that happens on github really is no different
than your case of stuff happening in a bar.

I can't speak for the QA repo, but don't we have a bot that notices
open pull requests for the main repo mirror on github which are
missing bug references to post notices to this effect?  When this
started happening I think a lot of the concerns were reduced.

I mean, like was already mentioned, if there were a gitlab repo or
whatever being hosted a lot of this might become moot.  We're just not
there yet.

I'm not sure if the Foundation has considered approaching gitlab.com
about hosting.  Granted, that isn't their FOSS product, but I suspect
the repos could be exported and imported into the FOSS product as a
contingency.  I have it on good authority from somebody who works
there that their proprietary hosted product is identical to the FOSS
one aside from the proprietary modules, so as long as you avoid the
latter it should be the same thing.  If they're willing to donate or
offer cheaper hosting it might give us the benefits of the FOSS
repository while avoiding the hassles of hosting Ruby or whatever it
is written in.


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