Walter Dnes wrote:
  First of all, "the standard for most lists" that you talk about *USED*
to be to do exactly what this list does right now.  Then Chip Rosenthal
came along and put up a whine at which can be summarized
as follows... "Duh, I'm an imcompetent point-n-drooler who sends private
messages to public mailing lists.  Please protect me against myself by
defaulting all mailing list mail to go back to the original sender and
making it more difficult to actually reply to the mailing list.  And
who cares if it screws up things for everybody else?".

try: "It all boils down to the fact that *all* MUA's are broken big time in terms of useability." and you'll be closer to the truth. I cannot send you a direct piece of e-mail without manually entering your address. It's not a question of whether or not I can but more why should I have to? Computers are here to make our lives easier but the software we run is horrible in terms of usability (especially if you're handicapped like I am).

Now if developers can get off of their ego trips and listen to usability experts who have been telling them for the past 30 years how to make software more user-friendly, we might end up with computers (and MUA's) that people use because they want to not because they have to.



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