A. Khattri wrote:
On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Robert G. Hays wrote:

I refer back to my 'oh i forgot' emai...  That said, yes, *Some*
lessons, but it shouldn't have to be more than a day's-worth for most
users.  Then maybe 1 day, *max*, for each *complex* application.  I
remember DOS 2.0; thought that then, think that now.

I dont think switching from say, Windoze to Linux requires more than a few
hours of learning - even Novell has managed to switch 90% of their Windoze
users to Linux and OpenOffice (and having worked in large corporations
like AT&T, I take a *very* dim view of corporate users...).

yes if the user was using windoze only as telnet client (from a dos session) to a unix machine.
Otherwise your switching time assumption are a bit too optimistic.

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